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To sesheta_66

Sorry I forgot your birthday. Hope it was awesome!


To bryoneybrynn

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day! :-)

To sesheta_66

Hope you had a happy birthday! ♥

Happy (belated) birthday, alaana_fair !

Hope it was awesome! :-)

Answer for question 4468.

If you could take a two-week vacation right now without having to worry about the details of making it work (money, vacation time, etc all taken care of), where would you go? Who would you bring with you, if anyone, and who would you want to make sure you went without?
I've always wanted to go on a cruise; either the Bahamas or the Caribbean, with my friends and family. As for who I'd go without, I could think of a few. ;-)

Answer for question 4318.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars! I've always liked it better.


Answer for question 4294.

What type of natural disasters frighten you the most? Have you personally experienced a disaster of that type?
Hurricanes. They have happened more than a few times where I live, but they still scare me.

Answer for question 4286.

Are you the oldest, middle, youngest, or only child? How do you think this has affected your personality?
I'm the youngest. I'd say it did affect my personality. My mother was very protective of me because I'm the youngest and female, so I was overly cautious and unsure of myself even well into adulthood. It took a long time, but I've learned to trust other people and I know that I can take care of myself. :-)

Answer for question 4208.

When you’re sick, do you usually push through it or do you take the day off to get better? Do you have any tricks to help get better more quickly?
It depends on how sick I am. If it's just a little cough or a stuffy nose, I'll just pop a cough drop or some DayQuil; if it's a really bad cold or the flu, I'll stay home.

Answer for question 4174.

If you won the lottery, what three things would you buy first? Would you give any to charity? Would you take the money all at once or get it in installments?
1. A beach house. Not a huge, extravagant one, but it would have to have a nice kitchen, a walk-in closet in my bedroom(always wanted one) and a bonus room to convert into a library.

2. A convertible(always wanted one of those, too)

3. A round-trip ticket to wherever I choose.

Some would go to charity, of course; there are a few causes I support. I would prefer to get it in installments; that would be easier to handle.